HEPnet Canada

HEPnet Canada is responsible for national and international networks in for Canadian Subatomic Physics community and is operated from the University of Victoria on behalf of the Institute of Particle Physics of Canada. It is supported by the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.


We operate a network of perfSonar testing servers accross Canada that can be used to diagnose and improve your network.

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LHC Network

With the assistance of our partners we have established the Large Hadron Collider Open Network Environment for all ATLAS sites in Canada.

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Services and Contacts

We can assist you or your group in a number of different areas including Lightpaths, Trouble Shooting, perfSonar etc.

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CANARIE provides the backbone for Canada's National Research & Education Network (NREN). HEPnet works with CANARIE and the provincial and territorial NREN partners to provide the networking needs of particle physics experiments.

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Network R&D

HEPnet is involved with an effort led by CERN to mark the network traffic of physics experiments at the packet level.

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